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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services at Priorslee Motor Services, Telford

There can be a number of common faults with a vehicle's Air Conditioning system. These can include:

Natural loss of gas

This is usually caused by the lack of use during cold periods or the system not being serviced regularly. By running the air conditioning during the winter months this will help with the de-misting process and also keep the seals moist.

Loss of gas due to leakage

Pipe work and hoses can become loose causing fractures. Hoses can rub together causing holes and pipe work and condensers can corrode with the gritting salts used during winter. Stone chips to the condenser can also cause leaks to start.

Common electrical faults

Problems with pressure switches, fuses, relays and cables can cause systems to stop running.

Unpleasant smells

When you use your Air Conditioning, moisture from the air condenses onto the cold surfaces of your Air Con’s mechanism. Over periods of disuse, some of this residual air can become home to naturally occurring micro-organisms, mildew and mould. These microbes can produce unpleasant smells and cause flu-like symptoms in the vehicle’s occupants.

Air Con Maintenance

Using your Air Con in colder months not only prevents windscreen misting, but also helps keep your Air Conditioning working throughout the winter. Using your Air Con for just 10 minutes each week can prevent the seals drying and shrinking, as well as lubricating the moving parts to avoid expensive repairs.

Priorslee Motor Services are experienced in a variety of Air Conditioning services, so make sure book your next vehicle service with the experts.

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