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Diagnostics at Priorslee Motor Services, Telford

What is a diagnostics fault code check?

When a car warning light illuminates on your dashboard or an error message or code appears, a car diagnostics check or fault code check can help identify the problem before more serious damage occurs.

Most modern vehicles today contain a network of on-board computers known as Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which continually monitor the performance of the vehicle and can self-diagnose faults. Sensors all around the vehicle report back to the ECU if there are problems such as low fluid levels or increased engine temperature.

When an issue is identified the ECU generates an error code. The relevant dashboard warning lights will then be displayed, we then use an OBD scanner to read the codes and find out more specific information about the nature of the problem.

Our technicians are trained in the latest engine diagnostics equipment

We can run diagnostics on most modern makes & models, and can detect a wide range of engine management & electrical system faults.

Using the latest technology we have the ability to identify and fix problems associated with engine diagnostics quickly and effectively. Effective fault diagnostics enables us to quickly identify any problem and ensures the correct part is ordered first time.

Does your car have any of the following problems?

  • Difficult to start
  • Sometimes stalls
  • Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Uses more fuel than it used to
  • Hesitates or is sluggish when you accelerate
  • Engine overheats
  • Engine misfires (bucking or erratic idle speed)
  • Warning symbols illuminated on your dashboard

If there's something that feels not quite right about your car, it's likely there's a fault in its engine management, fuel, cooling or ignition system.

Specialist diagnostics

We have all the latest computerised diagnostic equipment from our partners at Bosch, Snap-on and dealer equipment such as ODIS so we can quickly identify any problems and get your car running smoothly again.

Regular checks

Vehicles today rely on increasingly complex electrical systems. So, even if your car is running well, it's important that someone with expert knowledge checks and tests the electrics every couple of years.

We can find and fix all types of electrical fault, including those relating to:

  • ABS brakes
  • Ignition and injection systems
  • Battery systems
  • Central locking
  • Air conditioning
  • Engine management

The Diagnostic process:

One of our technicians will plug in your vehicle to our diagnostic equipment and this then interfaces with the vehicle, returning a diagnostic code or codes which we then reference against a list of codes for vehicles from that manufacturer. If the engine is in good working condition, the device will inform the user and no codes will be stored, however if there is a problem, one or several codes may be displayed. During an engine diagnostic our technician determines what is causing each code to display and then we can pinpoint any problem and help you make the best and most cost effective decision about any repair to your car.

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