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Are you looking for a detailed guide on car tyre sizes? Well, we have you covered! Read the guidance below carefully to understand the complex alpha-numeric tyre size code.

Immense research, time and engineering go into figuring out an appropriate tyre size for a particular car segment. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers prohibit altering tyre size. Not only can a wrong tyre size lead to road accidents, but it also compromises the structural integrity of a car.

We at Priorslee Motor Services offer an extensive collection of car tyres Telford across various size ranges and car segments. Therefore, whether you own a sedan, SUV or hatchback, we are here to help!

Knowing the correct tyre size will help you choose the right car tyre from our online tyre portal.

Tyre size explained

Let us take, for instance, the tyre size 200/50 R 12 83 V for reference. This alpha-numeric code incorporates details like:

200 – This number signifies the width of the tyre in millimetres.

55 – It represents the aspect ratio of a tyre. In simple words, it is the profile height of a tyre expressed in percentage to its width.

R – Letter ‘R’ represents that the particular tyre has radial construction. The other tyre constructions are Diagonal Cross Ply and Bias Belt represented by ‘D’ and ‘B’ respectively.

12 – This number ‘12’ represents the tyre rim diameter in inches.

83 – It signifies the load index of the tyre. It stands for the maximum weight capacity of the particular tyre when fully inflated, which is 1074 lbs here.

V – Letter 'V' represents the speed index of this tyre model. It means that the specific tyre can sustain a maximum speed of 149 mph.

Read your car tyre manual to know specific instructions for different car models.

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It is not an easy task to read and understand the tyre size. Even a minute fault in figuring out the tyre size code can lead to life-threatening circumstances.

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