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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Telford witnesses harsh winters as the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius. Further, such extreme weather conditions make vehicles susceptible to breakdowns and safety hazards.

Therefore, motorists must consider opting for winter check Telford from a reliable service station before the arrival of colder months to ensure optimum driving performance and safety.

At Priorslee Motor Services, we provide top-quality car winter servicing Telford. Our well-versed professionals first inspect a vehicle to locate and confirm underlying issues. Next, they suggest repairs or replacements based on the severity of the damage. Finally, they use advanced tools and the latest techniques to restore the discrepancies after seeking your approval.


About Our Winter Car Check Telford

Our comprehensive winter servicing checklist includes the following car components:


Dying car batteries are among the most common issues in the winter. Your car battery drains more power as the engine takes longer than usual to start. Thus, our technicians conduct precise battery inspections and look for corroded wirings and leakages. If they find issues in the battery system, they will recommend a replacement.

Oil Check

We check the engine oil levels and, if required, refill as per your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications. Moreover, we can dilute or thicken the oil to prevent any potential engine malfunction.


Using tyres with tread depth below 1.6mm in the UK is illegal. Thus, we inspect the tyre for it or any damage. In case of damage, we suggest tyre replacements Telford. Additionally, we conduct tyre pressure checks as a standard procedure and inflate or deflate them per manufacturer specifications, if necessary.

Note: We house an exclusive collection of winter car tyres Telford in multiple sizes and price segments from industry-best manufacturers. To know more, visit us today!

Lights & Indicators

To avert the dangers of dark nights and extreme weather conditions in winter, your car’s front and rear lights and indicators must perform optimally. Our mechanics will inspect all the lights to detect defects and suggest replacements accordingly.

Windscreen Wiper Blades & Wiper Fluid

Heavy rains are common in the UK during winters. Hence, we examine your car’s wiper blades to ensure optimum road visibility during such conditions. We also top up the wiper fluid to ensure you do not run short of it when required.

We also inspect antifreeze in the radiator and top-up if required according to the specified level.

Impressive, right?

That is why we are the best answer to your “winter servicing centre near me” searches!

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