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Does your vehicle suffer with Carbon build up?

Carbon build-up on your car’s engine is a serious issue that can compromise fuel economy and affect overall driving comfort. Moreover, this build-up occurs gradually, without the driver being aware of this problem.

If you suspect that your vehicle’s engine performance is struggling to reach its previous heights, the chances are that you might need a power clean - forte. This exceptionally advanced service will help you get back on the road with utmost vehicle performance.

Priorslee Motor Services is proud to announce that we provide affordable power clean Forte Telford for several internal engine components.

Why Opt for Power Clean - Forte?

Most modern engines suffer from carbon build-up because of biofuel usage and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation). This build-up is accumulated over time and requires timely removal to enjoy optimal engine reliability.

Forte’s power cleaning machine features four functions that allow us to remove varnish and carbon accumulation on the following components:

Air intake system cleaning

Our most popular engine cleaning system is the air intake system clean. To commence the process, we keep an injector to the throttle intake. It applies a cleansing agent to the intake manifold and helps remove carbon build-ups from the valves and intake manifold.

DPF heavy power cleaning

We also provide cleaning services for your car’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). With the technologically advanced Forte machine, our experts clean your vehicle’s DPF without removing any parts, saving you money and time.

The machine applies a cleansing agent to the front portion of the DPF. We let the agent soak for a specific time and then run the engine to exterminate ash particles and excess soot trapped in the component. We add a flush agent to counteract the cleaning reaction to complete the process.

Fuel injection power cleaning

Typically, fuel injectors start showing issues due to low-quality fuels, which can cause carbon build-up. Forte’s power clean machine cleans the intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion channel with a concentrated cleansing agent without removing the injectors or engine. It helps in restoring the car’s fuel efficiency and performance.

Diesel turbo power cleaning

The turbochargers on diesel-engine vehicles are in the exhaust flow, making them vulnerable to carbon deposits, hampering the engine’s working. Forte’s power clean machine is one of the best ways to remove these contaminations and residues from the variable vane turbocharger. At Priorslee Motor Services, we inject the treatment straight into the combustion chamber to gain an effective outcome.

Impressive, right?

You can also opt for our Payment Assist facility in the case of a cash crunch. Just pay 25% of the total bill upfront and the outstanding in 3 instalments at zero interest charges.

For further discussion relating to our power clean Forte Telford, call us on 01952 615939.

Or, visit You can find us at Unit F1 Castle Trading Estate, Priorslee, Telford TF2 9NP, UK.