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Are you looking for EV / Hybrid 4 Wheel 3D Tracking for your vehicle?

Electric and hybrid vehicles tend to deliver power much faster that traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. These vehicles have instant torque and can accelerate fast, increasing strain on the tyres. Now, imagine the effect that high torque and incorrectly aligned wheels can have on your driving safety?

Further, incorrect wheel alignment can hamper your vehicle's cornering precision, lower your fuel efficiency and result in uneven and rapid tyre wear.

Thus, it is recommended that EV and hybrid vehicle owners opt for 4-wheel alignment checks at regular intervals.  

Priorslee Motor Services offer 4-wheel 3D tracking Telford with the high precision John Bean 3D Digital Imaging system. This state-of-the-art equipment is far superior and more accurate than the out-dated laser systems.

When Should You Opt For 4-Wheel 3D Tracking?

The primary symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment are:

  • Heavy steering
  • Compromised cornering precision
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Vehicle pulling to one side while driving

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is recommended that you bring your vehicle to a reliable car workshop like ours for a comprehensive wheel alignment check Telford.


What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

The massive torque load and heavy body already put much pressure on the tyres of EVs and hybrid vehicles. Thus, such vehicles are more prone to wheel misalignment issues than their ICE-equipped counterparts.

Apart from that, a few other factors might cause wheel misalignment issues in your EV. They are:

Modifying car's height

Some motorists tend to adjust their car's height. If you have recently modified your car's height, you must also inspect your car's wheel alignment. This is because your vehicle's suspension system was used-to work at a certain height. Altering this height can lead to wheel misalignment.

Wearing down of suspension parts

The alignment between your car's wheel and steering wheel rests entirely on the suspension system. Thus, worn out suspension springs can result in improperly aligned wheels. Opting for regular car servicing will take care of any worn out suspension parts, thereby lowering the risk of wheel misalignment issues.

Sudden impact

One of the most common reasons behind wheel misalignment is your car suffering sudden impacts. Harsh driving over bumps or through potholes can quickly change your cars’ wheel alignment.

How Can We Help?

When you bring your EV to us, we will check the following wheel angles:


Camber is the wheel's angle concerning the vehicle's vertical. Depending on the tilt of this angle, it is either considered positive or negative. When the tyre's top tilt away from the vehicle's centre, it is a positive camber. On the other hand, an inward tilt of the top of tyres indicates negative camber.

Our experts will refer to the manufacturer-specific guidelines to realign the camber angle properly.


Caster is the backward or forward slope of the line drawn through the upper and lower steering pivot points. If this line slopes towards your vehicle's rear side, you have positive camber. Meanwhile, a slope toward the vehicle's front indicates negative camber. Too much positive or negative caster can hamper your vehicle's steering precision. Thus, we will set this angle per the manufacturer's recommendation.


Toe angle is the measurement of your car's front wheel angles when viewed from a straight-ahead position. If the wheels point inward, it is toe-in, and if they point outwards, it is toe-out. Proper alignment of toe angles per your vehicle type ensures optimal vehicle stability.

With the John Bean 3D Digital Imaging system, experts at Priorslee Motor Services are adept at carrying 4-wheel 3D tracking Telford on electric and hybrid vehicles to the highest accuracy standards. This modern system comes preloaded with manufacturer related specifications. Further, we update the software regularly to ensure that we have the latest specs. We also calibrate the machine by Snapon every year to ensure its accuracy.

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Come over to our car workshop during business hours for a comprehensive wheel alignment check. You can find us here: Unit F1 Castle Trading Estate, Telford, Shropshire TF2 9NP.

For queries and quotes, you can also reach us by dialling 01952 615939.