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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?

Priorslee Motor Services is a reliable dealer of run-flat car tyres in and around Telford. Our inventory includes all three categories of run-flat tyres (RFTs), namely:

Self-supporting RFTs

This variant comes with sidewall reinforcements to bear vehicle weight with a puncture. These underpinnings significantly lower air pressure loss, preventing rim damage efficiently.

Self-sealing RFTs

The self-sealing category sports an innovative technology comprising additional inner lining under the tread with sealant. It prevents air loss after a puncture due to screws, nails and similar sharp objects.

Auxiliary RFTs

It features an inner ring against the wheel that supports a vehicle’s load in the event of a blow-out. Nonetheless, it is not suitable for all car makes and models. Therefore, seek expert opinion from our tyre experts to make the best purchase.

Impressive, right?

Why choose RTFs Telford?

  • The additional rubber lining within the sidewalls helps RFTs sustain minor blow-outs.
  • RFTs maintain vehicle stability in the event of a puncture, ensuring on-road driving safety.
  • With RFTs, you no longer have to carry spare tyres. This way, you can save your car’s boot space. It further ensures improved fuel efficiency.

Available brands

We supply RFTs across all sizes and price ranges from industry best manufacturers to make sure you get the tyre you need.



Develops RFTs that allow you to drive up to 80km at a speed of 80km/hr.


Designs fuel-efficient self-supporting RFTs that are compatible with conventional rims


Revolutionary RunOnFlat technology allows you to drive up to 50mph


Equipped with the Extended Mobility Technology and made of highly resilient rubber inserts supporting a maximum speed of 50mph


With Michelin’s Zero pressure (ZP) tyres, drive up to 50 miles at 50mph even after a blow-out


Self-supporting technology supports both lateral and transverse weights, even rapid pressure loss.

Are you worried about the price? We have a solution!

We also house RFTs from mid-range and economic brands to cater to your budget requirements.

Let’s take a look at our offerings!

Mid-range and cheap run-flat tyres Telford:

  • Uniroyal
  • Yokohama
  • Nexen
  • Churchill, etc.

However, if you are looking for top-quality tyres without burning a hole in your pocket, opt for our Payment Assist facility.

How is it helpful?

If your bill is above £100, you can pay the entire amount in 4 interest-free instalments. Just pay 25% of the total amount while buying tyres and then pay the rest within the next three instalments, interest-free.

Note: We do not accept payments in cash. Kindly pay via any UK-registered debit card.

So, without further delays, visit us to make the best purchase.

Alternatively, you can buy run-flat tyres Telford directly from our website.


Step 1: Locate the tyre finder tool

Step 2: Provide your car’s registration number or tyre specifications

Step 3: Click on the RTFs of your choice based on budget and place your order

Easy, right?

That’s why we are the best answer to your ‘run-flat tyres near me’ searches.

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You can find us at Unit F1 Castle Trading Estate, Priorslee, Telford TF2 9NP, UK.

For further details, reach us on 01952 615939.