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Hifly manufactures tyres for passenger vehicles, SUVs and light trucks. So, if you are looking for great quality budget tyres Hilfly tyres Telford, come to Priorslee Motor Services. We offer Hifly tyres across various types and sizes, which you can order online. A fitting appointment can be booked conveniently at the same time.

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  • All-season Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
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  • Light truck/van tyres

Our Best-selling Hifly Car Tyres PriorsleTelford, Priorslee


This tyre has four wide circumferential grooves, which deliver excellent performance on wet and dry roads. Its special section profile and internal structure design enhance the absorption of impact forces, and thus, result in a quieter drive. The high percentage of silica enhances the tread pattern and lowers the rolling resistance. This tyre is perfect for passenger cars.


Made specifically for luxury crossovers and SUVs, this tyre provides excellent traction and grip in dry and wet conditions. Its low rolling resistance enhances the fuel efficiency of your car. The contact patch on the outside of the tyres provides increased cornering grip and helps reduce noise.

Due to its two distinct tread patterns, this tyre offers outstanding all-weather performance.


Specially made for high-performance vehicles, this tyre sports a special rim protector to defend the wheel from curb damage. Its multi inner radius improves driving control and performance at high speeds. In addition, the joint-less cap ply improves stability at high speeds and maximises steering response.

All-Turi 221

Comfortable all-weather driving is the key offering of this tyre. With its summer and winter sipes and reduced ground resistance, it provides exceptional wet and snow traction performance. Also, due to its low rolling resistance, this tyre improves your vehicle's fuel economy.

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