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Priorslee Motor Services Ltd – Telford’s preferred Hybrid and Electric Vehicle specialist

Electric / Hybrid Servicing at Priorslee Motor Services

Welcome to Priorslee Motor Services’ Electric / EV & Hybrid Cars Servicing and Maintenance page.

Based in Telford in Shropshire we are ideally placed close to the M54 to cater for all Electric and Hybrid Car drivers living in the Midlands and Shropshire area who are looking for servicing and repairs for their electric vehicle.

Fully electric cars have fewer moving parts then conventional petrol/diesel vehicles meaning there are less components that require servicing. However with significantly higher voltages present in E&HVs (currently up to 650 Volts compared to 12 Volts in engine powered vehicles) ensuring the correct procedures and repairs are carried out is paramount. Priorslee Motor Services are qualified to the highest standards and certified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) to safely work on these vehicles.

How often should an electric/hybrid vehicle be serviced?

Electric/Hybrid cars should be serviced at the same intervals as a car with a combustion engine, which is at least every 12 months.

What's included as part of an electric service?

Like petrol / diesel powered vehicles key components will be checked such as;

  • Bodywork
  • Interior & exterior lights
  • Operation & condition of windscreen washers/wipers
  • Braking components
  • Steering & suspension components
  • Condition of tyres & adjusting tyre pressures
  • Vehicles underside
  • Spare wheel/mobility kit.
  • Check the condition of fluids & top up where necessary
  • Replacing air cabin filter to ensure interior air pollutants are kept to a minimum.

Electric Checks completed as part of a service:

  • Connect diagnostic for hybrid / electric health check
  • Measure potential compensation and insulation resistance
  • Check condition of charging point
  • Visual check high voltage cables and connectors for damage
  • Report on inverter coolant health and replacement interval
  • Check 12v battery

What maintenance needs to be carried out for an electric/hybrid vehicle?

The maintenance checks required are very similar to a conventional engine powered vehicle. You will need to periodically check the basics such as checking & adjusting the tyre pressures, checking the operation of exterior lights and ensuring the fluid levels are correct such as the brake fluid, screenwash & coolant level. If in any doubt feel free to visit us for one of the team to assist/advise.

Are our technicians trained to work on Electric vehicles?

Yes. Further safety precautions must be taken when working with high voltage systems found in hybrid vehicles. That's why our technicians go through rigorous training which includes IMI accreditation to level 4 to ensure they can correctly and safely service hybrids and electric vehicles to the same standards as a main dealer.

Most garage mechanics are NOT trained to work with electric or hybrid vehicle systems. Independent specialists like Priorslee Motor Services Telford play an important role providing a cheaper alternative to the car manufacturer’s own dealership

How much does it cost?

Our Electric vehicle servicing is from £110.00