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Are you looking for Winter Wheels for your vehicle?

Are you looking to buy winter wheels for your vehicle?

Then Priorslee Motor Services is the one-stop destination for you.


We have a wide range of top-quality winter wheels Telford for various vehicle makes and models. Further, our rates are cost-effective, thus catering to a broad customer base. When you visit our car workshop, our experts will assist you in choosing between steel and alloy wheels Telford, as per your budget and driving habits.

Types of Winter Wheels We Retail

As winter comes, you must know that only winter tyres with rims featuring special coatings are safe to run in icy, muddy and snowy road conditions. With proper tyres and the perfect set of winter wheels fitted to your car, you will experience optimal stability and vehicle control in winter.

You can purchase the following types of winter wheels from our facility:

Alloy wheels

Alloy or aluminium wheels are made from a mixture of nickel, aluminium and magnesium. These wheels add to the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle and are thus, costlier. They are also lighter in weight, enabling them to operate at a higher performance level. One of the most significant advantages of alloy wheels is that they result in better fuel economy. Furthermore, their lightweight characteristic does not put much strain on your car’s suspension system. This also helps in faster acceleration.

The downside is that these wheels tend to crack or even bend in case of a significant impact.

Steel wheels

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then steel wheels might be an ideal choice for you. They are more robust than aluminium wheels and are perfect for heavy vehicles. Bending or cracking a steel wheel is next to impossible as it would require tremendous force. As long as you maintain the paint layer, your car’s steel wheels will not rust.

Further, cosmetic damage is not generally an issue with steel wheels, as they are rough and tough. Thus, repairing a cracked steel wheel is easier because there is no fear of further damage.

They are a top pick among off-road enthusiasts due to their sturdy look. Moreover, their heavyweight construction provides the needed traction and stability on snow-laden roads.

However, the extra weight from such wheels can distort your vehicle’s centre of gravity. This can decrease your vehicle’s ability to accelerate, thus, straining the suspension system.

Also, the car’s fuel consumption is a bit higher compared to the lighter alloy wheels.

They are also only available in limited sizes and designs.

Are you confused which wheels to go for?

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