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Are you looking for 2 Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Incorrect 2 Wheel Alignment can severely damage your car tyres and jeopardise your on-road driving safety. It is, therefore, essential to opt for a routine 2 Wheel Alignment check every 10,000 miles. It will help ensure that all the wheel angles of your vehicle are in their optimal position, and you can enjoy a safe car handling experience.

We, Priorslee Motor Services, understand the importance of 2 Wheel Alignment checks. Hence, we provide free 2 Wheel Alignment Telford with every service for all car make and models. So if you are experiencing a poor car handling issue, visit us anytime for a detailed inspection of the vehicle axle geometry. Our experts use a state-of-the-art John Bean 3D Digital Imaging System to inspect wheel angles and provide efficient re-alignment in the least possible time.

Symptoms of incorrect 2 Wheel Alignment

Here are some distinct warning signs that you will experience if your vehicle’s wheels are not aligned:

  • Excessive tyre wears on the inside, outside or both edges
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Crooked and juddering steering wheel
  • Poor car handling
  • The car drifts in one direction when driving straight at a constant speed
  • Increased fuel consumption

Why come to us?

We are the one-stop destination for all ‘2 Wheel Alignment near me’ searches owing to our superior machinery and cost-effectiveness.

Let’s have a look!

Advanced equipment for 3D 4 wheel alignment

We perform the 2 Wheel Alignment Telford using the high precision John Bean 3D Digital Imaging system. This technology is superior to any ordinary laser 2 Wheel Alignment machine available in the market.

This 2 Wheel Alignment system also has advanced software preloaded with the manufacture alignment specification of several car segments. Also, we update this software from time to time with the latest specs and new vehicle models to efficiently cater to our client’s requirements. Furthermore, we have our 2 Wheel Alignment machine calibrated by Snapon every 12 months, and we also self-calibrate them every three months to ensure they remain in their best working condition.

Moreover, our workshop also has a specialist 2 Wheel Alignment lift. This lift is wider than any standard model and is perfect for conducting 2 Wheel Alignment checks on large 4×4 cars and light commercial vehicles.

A thorough inspection of wheel angles

We will use the superior quality sensors and cameras to measure the following wheel angles under our 2 Wheel Alignment check Telford:


The camber angle refers to the alignment between the vertical axis of a car and that of its wheels.


Caster measures the angle between the steering axis of a car and the vertical axis of its wheels.


The toe angle measures how parallel a car’s wheels are and their alignment with the longitudinal axis.

Affordable price and Payment Assist

Our 3D 2 Wheel Alignment Telford is available at extremely budget-friendly rates. Furthermore, we provide a payment assist facility to our clients for all services that cost over £100. You can use this facility to pay just 25% of the total cost upfront and pay the remaining amount in three interest-free instalments.

So, wait no more and visit us!

For detailed information call us on 01952 615939.

We offer free tracking checks to our customers - just ask!


When do I need tracking?

Priorslee Motor Services recommend that you get your 2 Wheel Alignment checked regularly and every time after any shock to your tyres such as hitting a kerb, speed bump or pothole at speed.