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Are you looking for Geometry And 4 Wheel Laser Tracking for your vehicle?

Accurate wheel alignment or tracking is crucial for a safe and smooth driving experience.

Faulty wheel alignment can result in reduced tyre life, poor handling and poor steering control. It consequently threatens your safety and raises the possibility of safety-related incidents.

Priorslee Motor Services provides comprehensive 4X wheel tracking Telford at a budget-friendly rate.

Hence, if you own a vehicle that runs on a 4-wheel drive mechanism, visit us for efficient wheel tracking services.

Our experts will inspect your vehicle's axle geometry and realign the faulty wheel angles with highly advanced wheel aligners.

What are the symptoms of misaligned wheels?

Ideally, it would be best if you opted for a 4X wheel tracking Telford every 10,000 miles. It will, however, depend on your driving pattern and vehicle model. If you notice the following symptoms, immediately get professional help from us:

  • Your car drifts in one direction while you drive straight at a constant speed.
  • There is a drastic fall in your car's fuel efficiency.
  • Hampered cornering precision.
  • There are signs of excessive and uneven tyre wear.
  • A crooked or vibrating steering wheel.

Causes of misaligned wheels

Now let us take a look at the causes of misaligned wheels:

  • Driving over speed bumpers or potholes at high speeds.
  • Damaged or worn-out car components, such as tyres, wheels, suspension, etc.
  • Inadequate tyre pressure.
  • Poor road conditions and more.

Why Choose Us?

When you get wheel tracking from our facility, our experts thoroughly inspect and adjust the following angles:


This refers to the outward or inward tilt of the car wheels when seen from the front. Both positive and negative camber can lead to suspension issues and tread wear.


The caster angle is an angular displacement between a car's steering axis and its wheels' vertical axis.


The top-view angle between your car's wheels and the longitudinal axis is known as the toe. Toe-in can lead to outer edge tyre wear, while toe-out can cause inner edge tyre wear.

We use a highly advanced John Bean 3D Digital Imaging system fitted with high-quality digital cameras and sensors to locate the fault in axle geometry. This wheel alignment system comes with advanced software pre-set with the manufacturer alignment requirements for various automobile segments. To effectively meet the needs of our clients, we also periodically update this programme with the newest specifications and car models.

Furthermore, to maintain the highest level of performance, we self-calibrate our wheel alignment machine every three months and have Snapon calibrate it every twelve months.

We have a specialised wheel alignment lift. Since it is broader than any conventional model, this lift is ideal for wheel alignment inspections on big 4x4s and light trucks. The computerised technology enables us to accurately realign the wheels per their factory-make standards by understanding the overall displacement in wheel angles from the wheels' original make.

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