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Are you looking for TPMS for your vehicle?

The UK Government has mandated TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, a built-in safety-enhancing technology, for all automobiles manufactured after 2014.

But why?

The TPMS system monitors the air pressure of your car tyres and provides the necessary information, courtesy of its advanced sensors. Now, if a tyre’s pressure falls below 25% than the specified level, the TPMS will alert you by blinking the warning light on the dashboard.

Therefore, it is crucial that this safety feature functions optimally.

If you notice that the TPMS sensors fail to notify you about air pressure loss, address the issue immediately to a reliable car workshop like ours for prompt solutions.

About Us

Priorslee Motor Services is among the most preferred workshops for TPMS sensor replacement Telford.


TPMS replacement is an intricate process and requires advanced techniques and tools for accuracy. We have experts capable of carrying out such critical services in the least possible time. They will first inspect the sensors to detect the recurring issues and replace them with OE-grade spares, ensuring improved performance and service life.

Further, it is essential to consult a reliable workstation for sensor calibration to avoid errors while dismounting or mounting car wheels.

That’s why we are your go-to destination for TPMS sensor replacement Telford.

Why do you need to opt for TPMS sensor replacement Telford?

Exposure to extreme temperatures, unfavourable external environment, juddering, etc., can affect your vehicle’s TPMS sensors. Apart from these, there are other reasons, such as:


Generally, automobile manufacturers install TPMS sensors on pure aluminium stem valves. As these valves get exposed to dust and impurities, they can oxidise and rust.

Dying batteries

Over time, the TPMS batteries drain out, and thus the sensors cease to perform.

Types of TPMS

There are two types of TPMS:

Indirect TPMS

The ECU gathers real-time data from the ABS sensors to identify discrepancies. After confirming the actual tyre pressure, it will notify about wheel revolution, stopping distance and other aspects. The ECU light will blink on the dashboard only if the pressure level falls more than 25% below the recommended level.

Direct TPMS

These sensors are placed on car wheels to transmit real-time information related to the tyre pressure levels to the ECU. Similar to the indirect TPMS, it will also turn on the warning light when pressure falls below 25% compared to the specified level.

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