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Are you looking for Wheel Tracking for your vehicle?

Are you facing difficulties with your car’s steering? It can be due to misaligned wheels.

However, you can confirm it yourself.


Check for uneven wear and tear on your car tyres.

Did you find any? If yes, immediately report it to a reliable car service station like Priorslee Motor Services for exceptional wheel tracking Telford.

What can disrupt your car’s wheel alignment?

Here are the potential reasons behind misaligned car wheels:

  • Replacement of steering parts
  • Hitting kerbs
  • Driving at high speeds on unpaved roads
  • Compromised braking performance
  • General wear and tear

When do you need us?

Apart from uneven tyre wear, there are some common warning signs you can identify to confirm if your car wheels need an alignment service. You may notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Crooked and juddering steering while driving straight
  • Vehicle drifting to one side when driving
  • Squealing noise from tyres at low speeds
  • Compromised steering precision
  • Diminished fuel efficiency

Why do you need us?

Wheel alignment is indicative and varies from one car model to another. Our in-house professionals are adept at attending to all popular automobiles. Further, they employ advanced tools and the latest techniques for accuracy.

We use a super tracker 4-wheel computer laser alignment system to analyse the axle geometry of your vehicle. Then, we will inspect the three angles of each wheel, including:


It is the angle between the vertical axis and wheels of your car.


It is the angular displacement between your car’s steering axis and the vertical axis of its wheels.


It is the symmetric alignment between the wheels of your car and its longitudinal axis.

Next, our technicians will use specialised software to locate the displacement between the current wheel angles from their original position. Lastly, they will restore the wheel angles per the outlined manufacturer specifications.

Sounds interesting, right?

Then end your quest for ‘wheel tracking service near me’ with us!

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